Safety Matters!

Silence is Consent, Correction is Concern

At White Mountain Cable, nothing we do each day is of greater importance than protecting and maintaining the safety and health of our employees, clients, and the general public.

Our employees are trained to be responsible for their personal safety, the safety of those with whom they work with and the safety of the general public around which they work. White Mountain Cable strives as a company to provide a working environment where all employees, from laborers to the officers of White Mountain Cable, recognize the importance of safety practices and ensure that the proper tools, equipment, training, and supervision are furnished.  Only by working together each day, can we make our jobs safe.

Our Loss Control Program outlines procedures that the mangers and supervisors of White Mountain Cable follow and enforce.  When it comes to safety, only total dedication to accident prevention is acceptable.

In construction, the only truly great companies are truly safe companies.

Ray Clarke

President, White Mountain Cable.